Covid-Crisis Support for pregnant, birthing and post-natal families

Hi – I’m Melanie, a birth and post-natal doula based in Crewe in Cheshire.

I share a home with my husband, two teenage children and feisty ginger cat.

gratuitous picture of the cat


It’s been a bit of a shock to be confined to home, when my entire working ethos and motivation is about connection and it’s ability to heal everything! but we are all well and coping with our isolation from the rest of the world positively.

The dust has settled a little bit now and as we get ourselves up from the shake down this, the smallest of living beings has given us,  it’s clear that in this digital age, a lot of what a doula can offer you in real life can be replicated on line, in a telephone call or video chat.

If you are in labour now, and have been advised to stay at home a little longer, or you just need some reassurance then you can call me, text or Whatsapp me free of charge on 07776 251515 

If you are pregnant, or newly post-natal you can also contact me for a free one-off chat to discuss anything that’s on your mind.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

An initial call may develop in to more sustained support at your request or need, in this case, each subsequent contact will be charged at £20 per hour. This represents the value of my actual time talking to you, but also the time when we are not in contact that I will spend reading, researching and searching for information and resources that will support your specific needs.

If you are local to me (Crewe, Cheshire, CW1) I can offer you free loans of useful books from my birth and early parenting library. If you would like to go ahead with this, we will sort out contactless and quarantined collection or delivery. This service is restricted to families in the Crewe area only.

Here are links to a few that I have that may be particularly relevant to your needs at this time, but I have lots more:

Birth & breastfeeding Preparation

null  hypnobirthing book image  womanly art of breastfeeding book image

or for some light but Oxytocin filled reading (fiction)

red tent book image  The Birth house book image

You can go to my Pinterest book board for more details of the books in my library.

A recent birth client said this about my support to her:

“During the meetings before the birth she listened to my fears, talked through what I wanted, and what she could do for me. She was insightful and supportive, I never felt rushed. I’d say she has great intuition for how other people are feeling – exactly what you want in a doula. She’s a good person and you know you can trust her and that she is strong enough to have your back.”

And a post-natal client said:

“everyone should have a Melanie!”

I offer my service to you with compassion at this most unprecedented time. If you have benefited from any of my free offers, I do have a Ko-fi page where you can donate any amount of money you are able to, which will in turn help me support more women, who may not be able to pay.

My contact details again are:

mobile telephone: 07776 251515 for calls, text, Whatsapp


Facebook: @melanieenglishdoula

I also co-facilitate the Crewe Positive Birth Movement group which is being run online for the foreseeable, join us on Twitter and/or Facebook @pbmcrewe for lots more information links and tips.


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